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1. CREATE A VISUAL WORKPLACE 5S Plus Guide Best practices for a leaner and safer workplace

3. Join us CHAPTER 1 What is a Visual Workplace & Why Do You Need It? Let’s begin with the basics of just what it means to have a Visual Workplace and why it’s important.

7. Join us ? Did you know? 75% of knowledge is gained through visuals 13% through hearing and 12% through smell, touch and taste. 3 3 Laird, D. (1985). Approaches to training and development. Addison-Wesley. 7

9. Join us What if a label... saved time and ensured equipment performance, by indicating proper working conditions at a glance? 9

19. Join us What if a label... increased productivity by reducing time spent looking for the broom? 19

25. Join us What if a label... reminded employees about that one critical step that always gets overlooked? 25

29. Join us CHAPTER 4 Faceoff: Do-It-Yourself vs. Pre-Made Labels and Signs Now that you know what types of visuals you need to create a “5S Plus” visual workplace, it’s time to take action. You’ve got two options: do-it-yourself (DIY) printing or ordering pre-printed labels and signs.

16. Join us CHAPTER 3 “5S Plus” in Action 9THWJFYJFSIRFNSYFNSFSTWIJWQ^JKąHNJSYFSIXFKJ “5S Plus” workplace, you need a variety of durable labels, signs and tags. When it comes to these visuals, the key is to ensure the message is understood at a glance. That means avoiding too much information in one visual.

27. Join us What if a label... UWJ[JSYJI^TZWJRUQT^JJKWTRQTXNSLFąSLJW$ 27

12. Join us CHAPTER 2 Meet 5S Plus Safety If you haven’t implemented 5S, we’ll walk you YMWTZLMNY'ZYQJYèXąWXYXYFWY\NYM\MFYê85QZXë is all about.

39. Join us YOUR SIGN AND LABEL SOLUTION Brady has the innovative products, reliable label materials and dedicated experts to bring you the facility identification you need to stay lean, compliant and safe. Our printers offer reliable, on-demand labelling and a range of durable materials to meet your industrial printing and labelling needs. Check out our 50 tried-and-true ways to effectively use visuals throughout your facility. Use these examples to get started creating your own visuals – and take the first steps to transforming your facility into a visual workplace! Download at Now that you know why your workplace needs 5S Plus Safety, let’s get to work.

23. Join us What if a label... helped employees take pride in their work? LEAN DAILY MANAGEMENT SAFETY QUALITY DELIVERY CASH 23

30. Join us What if a label... saved you over 6,000 EURO annually in breakdown costs by helping contractors and employees locate the right line? COLD WTR TO EXTR #7 HOT WTR RET FROM BLR #2 SPRINKLER WTR TO EAST WHSE 30

32. Join us What if a label... reduced the severity of an accident because the XFKJY^JVZNURJSY\FXHQJFWQ^NIJSYNąJI$ 32

33. Join us It’s more EFFICIENT There’s no need to wait – You’ll have your labels in seconds, not days. That means there’s no time away from your current project because you don’t have to wait around for your pre-made signs and labels to arrive. When you recognise the need for new visuals in your facility, you can print what you need – Just like that! DIY COST EFFECTIVE EFFICIENT CONVENIENT CUSTOMISED 33

37. Join us What if a label... warned workers of a potential hazard in multiple languages? Warning Corrosive Substance Attention substance corrosive 37

11. Join us ? Did you know? 40% increase Lean manufacturing can lead up-to a in productivity. 4 #2050-A #2199-L #2356-0 #2159-X #2199-P #2356-R #2656-S 4 Kilpatrick, J. (2003). Lean Principles. Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership. 11

10. Join us Improve Productivity We all know productivity is a big concern for any company. And you’re in luck, because creating an effective 5S Visual Workplace goes a long way in improving productivity. But don’t just take our word for it. Dr. Brian Harston, lean leader with a Master of Science degree in manufacturing management with an emphasis in lean implementation and a Doctorate of Business Administration in Project Management, shares his own experiences: Tool Labelling Saves over 900,000 EURO/Day A manufacturing company was experiencing an exorbitant amount of tools being checked out of the tool crib every day. Through a 5S WFUNINRUWT[JRJSYJ[JSYNY\FXNIJSYNąJIYMFYYMJHTWJUWTGQJR \FXYTTQRNXNIJSYNąHFYNTSQJFINSLY T\TWPJWX\FXYNSLFSF[JWF LJ of 45 minutes per shift searching for tools . The corporation decided to label each tool according to work-cell and operator and create a new mobile work cart with shadowboards to store tools. With this system in place, workers no longer needed to check out or purchase additional tools and the corporation increased production capacity of its large mining trucks that average 7,2 mio EURO price per unit. This led to an additional over 900,000 EURO per day* in revenue and saved an average of 54,000 EURO monthly in tool costs . * Large scale of savings was so due to the fact that the high-end, defense technology industry has annual revenue exceeding 53 billion EURO. 10

13. Join us Meet 5S Plus Safety While 5S is one of the most widely adopted techniques from the lean manufacturing toolbox, “5S Plus” goes a step further to emphasise a critical aspect of any workplace: Safety. That way ^TZGJSJąYKWTRF\TWPUQFHJYMFYNXGTYMJKąHNJSYFSIXFKJ Now, let’s explain more about the famous 5S’s. These are essential elements in establishing the operational stability you need to both make and sustain continuous improvement. The point is to create a clean, orderly and safe environment – where there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. And once you have that, 5S helps you reduce unnecessary waste and establish the framework and discipline needed to maintain and continually improve your workplace. 5S PLUS 13

21. Join us What if a label... reduced waste by showing employees the stock levels of materials at a glance? Max. 4 Rolls REORDER Min. 4 Rolls 21

2. Join us Table of Contents CHAPTER 1 What is a Visual Workplace & Why Do You Need It? 3 Get up-to-speed on how you can reduce waste, improve productivity & improve employee knowledge. CHAPTER 2 Meet 5S Plus Safety 12 It’s the foundation you need to create and sustain a clean, orderly and safe workplace. CHAPTER 3 “5S Plus” in Action! 16 See examples of just what you can do with the power of 5S Plus. CHAPTER 4 Faceoff: DIY vs. Pre-Made Signs & Labels 29 Now that you know workplace visuals are important - how do you implement them?

4. Join us It All Starts with a Visual Workplace Visual Workplace is a lean concept that’s all about putting important information right where employees need to see it. This concept plays a critical role in some of the most popular lean tools, including 5S. That’s because it creates a sustaining base for lean improvements to remain clearly visible, readily understood and consistently adhered to. To sum it up, using labels for safety information, procedures, KFHNQNY^NIJSYNąHFYNTSFSIF[FWNJY^TKTYMJWFUUQNHFYNTSXNXF great way to help reduce waste, improve knowledge and improve productivity for the long haul. 4 Did you know? 95% of all costs in non-lean manufacturing environments. 1 Waste accounts for ? 1 Kilpatrick, J. (2003). Lean Principles. Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership.

17. Join us What if a label... helped you sort through all of your equipment and supplies to determine what you need and what you don’t – right at a glance? RED TAG Tag #1003 Item Description: Location Found: Found by: Date Taged: Disposition: Date Dispositioned: Dispositioned by: Eye Care Company RED TAG Tag #1002 Item Description: Location Found: Found by: Date Taged: Disposition: Date Dispositioned: Dispositioned by: Eye Care Company 17

15. Join us Key bene ą ts to having a “5S Plus” workplace Non-value-added activities Mistakes made by employees or suppliers Time for employee training Time searching for tools, parts and supplies Unnecessary transportation of goods and navigation around the facility REDUCE Floor space utilisation Employee safety and morale Product quality Equipment reliability through frequent cleaning and inspections IMPROVE 15

5. Join us KANBAN BOARD REORDER ON ORDER REORDER KANBAN Take to team leader Nylon Gloves Part #2222 Order 10 packs REORDER KANBAN Take to team leader Nylon Gloves Part #2222 Order 10 packs KANBAN BOARD What if a label... reduced waste by giving employees the information they need to complete tasks JKąHNJSYQ^$ 5

6. Join us Let’s explain how a Visual Workplace helps you Reduce Waste You might be surprised to learn that only a fraction of your activities actually add value for your customers. In fact, Taiichi Ohno, co-developer of the Toyota Production System, suggests that wastes account for up to 95% of all costs in non-lean manufacturing environments. This waste is typically caused by information gaps – employees simply not knowing the best way to get the job done. Instead, time is wasted searching, waiting, retrieving and reworking. With a Visual Workplace, employees have the information they need to effectively do their jobs. And when employees know how YTYFHPQJYMJNWOTGX\JQQ^TZWKFHNQNY^GJSJąYXKWTRXNLSNąHFS Y improvements. For example, when your storeroom shelves are well labelled, employees don’t have to waste time searching for something or accidentally grabbing the wrong item. You improve JKąHNJSH^G^MJQUNSLYMJRąSI what they need at a glance. Did you know? 78 million baby boomers are expected to retire over the next 10-15 years? 2 Visuals help less experienced employees learn the job quickly and effectively. ? 2 Moltz, D. (2011). Completion Agenda for Baby Boomers. Association for the Study of Higher Education. 6

14. Join us Let’s Get to Know “5S Plus Safety” Sort Eliminate non-essential items by going through all of the tools and materials in your facility and discarding unused items. Shine Get the workplace clean, maintain its appearance and use preventative measures to keep it clean. Set in Order Focus on organising equipment, establishing safety measures, and creating procedures, product quality standards, and effective inventory and material handling. Standardise Make the improved workplace a standard by creating best practices. Sustain Maintain momentum, ensure employees know the importance of workplace organisation, and strive to continuous improvement. Plus Safety Make the workplace safer by looking for any potential hazards and resolving them. 14

36. Join us It’s CONVENIENT Everything that needs a label, gets a label! When you have an easy-to-use printing tool ready and waiting at your facility, you can: • Create labels using built-in label templates for common applications, such as lockout/tagout, CLP/GHS, signs, pipe markers, and much more • Utilise a wide offering of labelling materials to meet your application needs • Pace your labelling projects, instead of doing it all at once in the case of ordering pre-made labels and signs • Complete projects quickly by sharing the responsibility amongst multiple employees DIY COST EFFECTIVE EFFICIENT CONVENIENT CUSTOMISED 36

31. Join us When compared to ordering pre-printed materials, choosing ).>NXXNRUQJå.YèXRTWJHTXYJKKJHYN[JRTWJJKąHNJSYFSI convenient, and you can create your own customised content. Let us explain more: It’s more COST Effective Can you believe printing your own labels and signs is cheaper than purchasing them pre-printed? That’s because there is: • NO purchase order charges for every order • NO minimum order quantity • NO inventory costs for stocking large quantities of signs and labels With an onsite label printer, you can simply print what you want to print, whenever you want to print it, at the point of use. DIY COST EFFECTIVE EFFICIENT CONVENIENT CUSTOMISED 31

20. Join us Shine And by shine... we mean clean! By eliminating dirt, dust, sources of contamination and other debris, as well as inspecting equipment, you can improve the safety and productivity of your facility. Not to mention that your workplace will look like new, making your employees proud to come to work each day. You could use: • Cleaning supplies (of course!) – Including brooms, dust UFSXWFLXIJLWJFXJWXFSIĆTTWHQJFSJWX • Shadowboard – To store cleaning equipment. • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Including gloves and safety glasses to keep employees safe from hazardous cleaning supplies and debris. • Lockout equipment – To protect workers from the release of hazardous energy when performing equipment cleaning or maintenance. 5S SORT SHINE SET IN ORDER STANDARDISE SUSTAIN PLUS SAFETY 20

24. Join us Standardise You have a good start on making your workplace leaner. Now it’s time to expand your efforts and create best practices to maintain a company standard. This is implemented with clear consistent roles and responsibilities, including visual controls. You could use: • Job scheduling board – To visually sequence job orders and indicate work delays or missed deadlines. • Schedules and check sheets – To show which employees should be performing certain tasks and when those tasks should be completed. • Supplies checkout board – To locate supplies quickly and control their usage. • Lean Daily Management (LDM) boards – To track metrics and drive improvement. • Safe state visuals – To help prevent accidents by indicating if valves or air pumps are opened or closed. 5S SORT SHINE SET IN ORDER STANDARDISE SUSTAIN PLUS SAFETY 24

38. Join us It’s CUSTOMISED 9MNXNXSèYFTSJXN_JąYXFQQFUUWTFHM<JPST\NYèXNRUTWYFSY to be able to customise workplace visuals to align with your unique safety, compliance and productivity goals. With on-demand printing, you can decide what to make, how it should look and how many you need. By creating your own signs, labels and tags, you can ensure you have: • Multiple languages to ensure warnings are understood by everyone. • Operating instructions at the point of need to get new employees up to speed and ready to master critical tasks. As an experienced workforce ages and retires, effective instructions ensure that training is thorough FSIJKąHNJSYKTWSJ\JRUQT^JJX • Consistent messaging to enforce safety and make YFXPXJFXNJWYTZSIJWXYFSI\NYMFYFLQFSHJNIJSYNąJI signage. The plant also looks more professional, so employees can take pride in their workplace and make a positive impact on visitors. DIY COST EFFECTIVE EFFICIENT CONVENIENT CUSTOMISED 38

18. Join us Sort 9MJ[JW^ąWXYXYJUTK8NXIJHNINSL\MFYYTPJJUFSI\MFYYT get rid of. This is done by sorting through all of the tools and materials onsite and only keeping essential items. Everything else is discarded to keep your workplace free of clutter and hazards. You’ll be amazed by how many materials sit around your facility going unused on a daily basis and taking up space. You could use: • Tags – To red-tag unused items and store them in a designated area for employees to sift through and grab anything that is still needed. Any items left at the end of ą[JIF^XFWJINXHFWIJI • Floor marking tape – To signify the “red tag” section, \MJWJJRUQT^JJXHFSąSIJVZNURJSYYMFY\NQQGJ discarded if not claimed. • Red tag record forms – To track supplies that are kept and discarded. • Camera – To take before and after photos of the area. 5S SORT SHINE SET IN ORDER STANDARDISE SUSTAIN PLUS SAFETY 18

8. Join us Improve Knowledge We have another statistic for you. Did you know that people gain 75% of their knowledge from visuals? That’s why employees need effective workplace signs and labels that enhance training and make their jobs easier. An effective visual instructs an employee on what procedural and safety information is appropriate, when and where they need to know it. Knowledge-based visuals can include: • Procedure labels – Move procedures out of their binders and TSYTYMJXMTUĆTTW\MJWJJRUQT^JJXHFSXJJYMJRFSIZXJ them daily. • Bilingual signs – With a growing workforce speaking different languages, it’s important to have the right languages on your signs and labels to keep everyone informed. • Pipe markers – Inform employees and contractors quickly FSIJFXNQ^FGTZYYMJĆT\INWJHYNTSFSIHTSYJSYTKF particular pipe. • Safety signs – Identify and explain potential dangers to employees, and the appropriate safety precautions to take. • Electrical disconnect labels – Clearly indicate the location of the disconnect switch on your equipment in order to avoid accidents and save lives. With these workplace visuals, employees have the knowledge they need to eliminate non-value-added waste, improve safety and compliance, and enhance workplace organisation. 8

26. Join us Sustain Don’t stop now! You’ve done the work – now you need to keep it up. Maintain momentum, ensure employees understand that workplace organisation is a top priority and strive to continually improve. You could use: • On-site printer, label materials and label creation software – To create signs, labels and tags as needs arise. • Dance charts – To help employees remember task XJVZJSHJXGFXJITSFXYFSIFWIĆT\INFLWFR • Preventative maintenance targets – To keep preventative maintenance readings consistent by labelling vibration and ultrasound probe points. • Replacement part visuals – To clearly identify correct replacement parts. • One-point lessons and labels – To help employees remember a particularly forgettable or essential part of a procedure. Did you know? Not only does effective safety signage help you maintain compliance with this standard, but it helps reduce workplace accidents across the board. ? 26

34. Join us Let’s put this into perspective: Do-it-Yourself Labels Pre-Printed Labels Day 1 You need a label. You need a label. You walk up to your printer, choose a material, create the label on a simple user interface, print it and apply it. Then you print more, because you can and it would GJSJąY^TZW\TWPUQFHJ Your facility is just a little bit XFKJWFSIRTWJJKąHNJSYYMFSPXYT your new labels. You do some research on what and where to order. Day 2 You either customise your label or choose a generic label to order. You decide to place the order, which takes time to process and provide all of the necessary information. Day 3 The waiting begins. Day 4 An accident almost occurs because the label you needed wasn’t in place to inform employees of the hazard. Day 5 You wait for the label to arrive. Day 6 ... Still waiting. Day 7 The label arrives! You put it in place and realise you could really use a few more. Back to the drawing board! 34

35. Join us Lock out/Tagout Post ed Procedure ID#: Cr e at e d: Revis ed : BR D Y-00 1-43 0 10 5 9/ 11 / 20 1 3 9 / 1 3/ 2 013 5 Lock out Poi nts No te: This is an ex a mp le o f Link 3 60 ' s " Long F orm ". The long f orm allow s you to f r e el y def ine t he ac tio ns of ea ch s t e p , a dd ph o t os f or e ach s t ep, a nd a d d f u rth er deta il t ha t is re quired f o r com p lex lo ckou t p roced u res . Fo r si mple locko u t pro ce du re s, see the " Sho rt Form" . F aci li ty : D escri pti on : Site 1 - Re f riger a ti on R efr ige r ation Com pr essor #4 Lo catio n: Engine Ro om P u rpose: Scope: Authorisation: Enfor cemen t : Thi s procedu re estab li sh es t he minimu m r equ i re ments for t he lo c kou t of ene r g y i sol at ing dev ice s whe never mai nt en an ce or servici ng i s d one on mac h in es or equip m en t. This procedu re shall be u sed to ensu re tha t th e mac hine or e qui pm e nt is stop p ed, i s olated from all pot entially hazar dous en e rg y so u r ce s and l o cked out bef ore empl oyee s p e rfor m any se rvicin g o r ma int enance w h ere the une xp ected energisation o r st art -u p of the machine or eq u i pmen t or rele a s e o f stored ene rgy co uld cause injur y. T his proc edu re shall o nly b e used by e mp loy e es t hat have been trained as "Authorised " emp l o ye es under O SHA 19 10.147. Employee s with the fol lo win g j ob roles ar e authorised to use t his proc edur e : <lis t jo b roles> F ai lu r e to prope r l y f ol low lo ckou t-tag out proc ed ure m ay r es ult i n correct i ve actio n. Lockout A p plicat i on Process 1. N ot i f y aff ect e d pe rson nel . 2 . P r o per ly shut do wn machi ne. 3. Isolate a l l e ne rgy source s. 4. Ap p ly lo ck out dev i ces, l o cks , & t ags. 5. V e rif y to t al de-energisation of al l s ou rc e s. P a g e 1 o f 3 Lo c k o ut Steps Step # 1 E-1 E l ect rical 480 V 2 !-1 Note Ac ti on P RO P ER PP E R EQUIR ED: Ar c flash shi el d, 8 ca l /cm2, cla ss E glo ve s, el ect ri cal rate d hardh a t. T he E -1 Disconnect is locate d to t h e Wes t of t he machin e. Turn Disco nne ct t o t he off posi t i on and lock ou t. Use a Lo ck and h a sp d e v ic e. For th e n ext st ep, y o u will ne ed to o btain a uni v er sal lo c k an d ch a in de v i ce from the Lo c kou t/Tago ut S t a t i o n, l o cate d on the Wes t wall of the Eng in e Ro om. In f o E - 1 Upon re-energisation, ret urn universal l ock and chain devi ce to t he Lockout /Tagou t Stati on . What if a label... used a Visual Lock Out Procedure (VLOP) to tell you the right way to lockout each unique piece of equipment, keeping employees safe during maintenance? 35

28. Join us Plus Safety >TZè[JLTYJKąHNJSH^åGZYITSèYKTWLJYFGTZYXFKJY^2FPJ your workplace safer by looking for any potential hazards and resolving them. With custom, on-demand signage you can easily prevent costly accidents before they occur. Most importantly, when you have the right signage in the right places, you can send employees home safely every day. You could use: • CLP/GHS labels – To identify primary and secondary chemical containers. • Safety signs – To clearly and effectively communicate potential hazards throughout the workplace and how to respond to them. • LOTO labels and tags – To keep employees safe from unexpected equipment startups during cleaning and maintenance. • Arc Ć ash labels – To promote electrical safety and UWJ[JSYJQJHYWNHFQFWHĆFXMFHHNIJSYX • Fire visuals å9TNSINHFYJYMJQTHFYNTSTKąWJJ]YNSLZNXMJWX FSIąWJMTXJHFGNSJYXXTYMJ^FWJWJFINQ^FHHJXXNGQJNS case of an emergency. • First aid identi ą cation å9TNIJSYNK^\MJWJąWXYFNI supplies can be found. • Machine and equipment identi ą cation – To alert employees of machine hazards and protect them from personal injury or equipment failure. 5S SORT SHINE SET IN ORDER STANDARDISE SUSTAIN PLUS SAFETY 28

22. Join us Set in Order You’ve sorted. You’ve cleaned. Now it’s time to look for ways to reduce the sources of waste and errors in your facility and make it more [NXZFQQ^NSXYWZHYN[J*FX^$3TYJ]FHYQ^<TWYMNY$)JąSNYJQ^ You need to focus on: Organising Equipment • Sign and label printers, label materials and label-creation software – To quickly and easily print your own facility and JVZNURJSYNIJSYNąHFYNTS • Shadow boards – To store tools and equipment at the point of need. Establishing Safety Measures • Safety signs – To inform employees of any workplace hazards. • Pipe markers – To instantly tell you everything you need to know FGTZYUNUJHTSYJSYXINWJHYNTSXTKĆT\FSIQJ[JQTKXFKJY^ Creating Procedures • Procedure labels – To move procedures out of their binders and TSYTYMJXMTUĆTTWXTJRUQT^JJXHFSXJJYMJRFSIZXJYMJRIFNQ^ • Training signs – To place the necessary safety information at the point of use, leading to less training and improved safety. Establishing Product Quality Standards • Floor marking tapes å9TRFWPYWFKąHQFSJXXYTWFLJQTHFYNTSXFSI products that need to be inspected for quality assurance and more. • Gauge labels – To easily detect pressure or temperature abnormalities at a glance. Creating Effective Inventory and Material Handling • Magnetic or repositionable material labels – To label and organise workbenches, shelves, racks, bins, cabinets and totes. • Minimum and maximum level indicators – To highlight overstock situations and points where stock should be re-ordered. 22

40. © 2015 Brady Worldwide, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Your distributor BRADY Africa Randburg, South Africa Tel: +27 11 704 3295 BRADY Benelux Zele, Belgium Tel. +32 (0) 52 45 78 11 BRADY Central & Eastern Europe Bratislava, Slovakia Tel. +421 2 3300 4800 BRADY Denmark Odense Tel. +45 78 79 10 35 BRADY France Roncq Cedex Tel. +33 (0) 3 20 01 08 70 BRADY Germany Egelsbach Tel. +49 (0) 6103 7598 660 BRADY Hungary Budaörs Tel. +36 23 500 275 BRADY Italy Gorgonzola (MI) Tel: +39 02 26 00 00 22 BRADY Middle East FZE Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE Tel. +971 4881 2524 BRADY Norway Kjeller Tel. +47 21 99 97 76 BRADY Romania Bucharest Tel: +40 21 202 3032 BRADY Russia Moscow Tel: +7 495 225 93 62 BRADY Spain & Portugal Madrid, Spain Tel. +34 900 902 993 Brady Sweden Solna Tel. +46 (0)8 505 988 31 BRADY Turkey Istanbul Tel. +90 212 264 02 20 / 264 02 21 BRADY UK & Ireland Banbury, Oxon, UK Tel. +44 (0) 1295 228 288 BRADY – YOUR COMPLETE WORK SAFETY SOLUTION PROVIDER LOCKOUT/TAGOUT FOR HAZADOUS ENERGY CONTROL Brady offers full support and a broad range of products to create an advanced work safety environment. VISUAL TAGGING SYSTEMS Provide essential records relating to the safe condition of all your site equipment and scaffolding. SAFETY SIGNS We offer more than 8,000 different signs for XFKJY^RFNSYJSFSHJFSIKFHNQNY^NIJSYNąHFYNTS PIPE MARKERS *FXNQ^NIJSYNK^UNUJHTSYJSYFSIĆT\INWJHYNTS SMART SPILL CONTROL Clean, fast and safe removal of oil, water and chemicals spills. EUR-M-752-EN 10/03/2015


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