Checkmate Max fire evakueringsudstyr

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3. Checkmate Lifting & Safety Ltd New Road, Sheerness, Kent, England ME12 1PZ, UK Tel: +44 (0) 1795 580 333 Email: CHECK US OUT CH EC KM AT E LIFTING & SAFETY EVACUATION DESCENDER HART offers over 20 industry leading set training courses specific for the working at height industries. Max Fire Evac product and new user training is a simple half day course, which can be delivered at your site. H . A . R . T HEIGHT AND RESCUE TRAINING Email: - Tel: +44 (0) 1795 580 333 - Checkmate Divisions height safety innovations lifting equipment flexible engineering custom solutions

2. Max Fire Evac Descender Kit Industry leading and life saving Checkmate and ISC Saving Lives at Speed The D2 Escape Descender is a new and innovative ‘double-stop’ Descender suitable for the Offshore, Wind and Oil & Gas industries. When launched from significant height, the newly developed handle operated cam-system stops the descent in an emergency situation rather than just slowing it down. The D2 descender is the only micro-descender in the world to offer this function. MaxFireEvac DESCENDER KIT Functions  The D2 can be controlled by pushing in the cam which allows the user to smoothly feed the rope through the device, without the use of the handle. The cam feed feature is particularly useful for fast Bail-out or for work positioning.  The Descender is compact and lightweight, allowing it to be carried on the harness at all times.  Standard kits available up to 120m (395ft) working length. Other lengths are available upon request. Standard polyester ropes are ideal for use in areas such as Linesman self-rescue from pole-tops or for escape from towers or elevating work platforms.  Technora sheath offers the best heat resistance for extreme temperatures. Technora provides the highest level of abrasion and cut-resistance compared to other high tenacity fibers. This Kit Includes  1x Dyneema/Technora sling  1x D2 descender  1x Zip top pouch  1x Polyester/Technora up to 120m rope  2x Alloy karabiners standards EN 12841 & NFPA 1983 Other Wind Related products Turbine fires are the second most common cause turbine incident, often leading to injury and even fatalities. Checkmate has developed an industry leading descender kit which will set the standard in the Wind Industry: The Max Fire Evac. The collaboration between Checkmate, Vattenfall and OEM Partner ISC is born from the need for an industry leading, ultimate safety and evacuation system in case of fire. Current rescue equipment is not rated for use in fires or speed descents, so the Max Fire Evac is the only system which substantially increases survival rates in the event of fire the nacelle. With D2 Technology, Checkmate have reduced escape times and increased the resistance to heat with Technora ropes with thermal ranges of up to 500°C. After extensive trials at our dedicated testing and training facility in Kent, the Max Fire Evac is ready to emerge across the European marketplace as the industry standard - a standard that will save lives for the future. The Max Fire Evac system is suitable for use in multiple industries working at significant height: Offshore, Wind and Oil & Gas industries. CHECK US OUT CH EC KM AT E LIFTING & SAFETY Did you know  155 reported turbine accidents per year 2010 to 2014.  60 turbine fires in last 3 years.  Second most common type of turbine accident is fire. SAL4CE shock absorbing lanyard RS-2 step-in rescue harness MAX-CRD descender range PBH 05RD rapid don harness


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