Quick Start Guide Versaflo TR-600

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2. TR - 6 00 Series Quick Start Guide Page 2 of 2 ! WARNING Properly selected, used, and maintained respirators help protect against certain airborne contaminants by reducing concentrations in the wear’s breathing zone below the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL). It is ess ential to follow all instructions and government regulations on the use of this product, including wearing the complete respirator system during all times of exposure, in order for the product to help protect the wearer. Misuse of respirators may result in overexposure to contaminants and lead to sickness or death. For proper use, see supervisor, refer to the product User Instructions or contact 3M Technical Service at 1 - 800 - 243 - 4630 in the U.S.A. and at 1 - 800 - 267 - 4414 in Canada. The following are excerpts from the TR - 6 00 User Instructions. Most u ser interfaces (e.g. latches) are colored blue. 3M Personal Safety Division 3M Center, Building 235 - 2W - 70 St. Paul, MN 55144 - 1000 3M™ and Versaflo™ are registered trademarks of the 3M Company, and used u nder license by 3M Canada. Push ‘Test’ button to confirm b attery charge – 5 bars = 80 - 100%. Attach battery pac k to motor/blower. Gently tug battery pack to confirm a secure connection . Attach filter/cartridge (with filter cover) , and belt to motor/blowe r. Gently tug filter/cartridge to confirm a secure connection . Turn on PAPR. Confirm LEDs flash on startup. Confirm audible and vibratory alarms sound . Confirm airflow is sufficient. Bottom of the ball above airflow indicator zone flow level. Insert breathing tube into PAPR outlet. Inspect headtop for damage. Connect breathing tube to headtop. Don PAPR .

1. Published: May 201 4 Rev: 1 Replaces all previously published guides on this topic until superseded. The following is a Quick Start Guide for reference purposes only. Before using the TR - 6 00 PAPR , all users must read and understand the product User I nstructions . If you have questions , consult your supervisor or call 3M Technical Service at 1 - 800 - 243 - 4630 (USA) or 1 - 800 - 267 - 4414 (Canada) . 1 . Inspect the TR - 6 00 PAPR system. If parts are missing or da maged, replace only with TR - 6 00 replacement part s before proceeding. • Motor/blower . Inspect for cracks, holes, damage to user interface panel and belt attachments . • Battery pack . Confirm case is intact. Press TEST button on pack to c onfirm charge is sufficient for duration of the work period . • Breathing tube . Examine breathing tube for tears, holes or cracks. Bend the tube to verify that it is flexible and not s h owing signs of wea r . Ensure the o - rings located at both ends of the breathing tube are present and intact. • F ilter /cartridge . Closely inspect fil ter/cartridge plastic housing including the corners and latches, outer rectangular barrier, and inner circular filter seal gasket for cracks, tears, cuts, distortion, indentations or debris. Replace filter/cartridge if damaged. If the filter/cartridge has been mishandled or dropped, re - inspect fully. If you have any concern, contact 3M Technical Service for guidance. • Headgear. Inspect the headgear for tears, cuts, loose stitching, crack s , dis coloration or other signs of damage . 2. Assemble TR - 6 00 PAPR system • Attach battery pack to bottom of motor/blower. Pack latches with a distinct click. Gently pull to confirm a secure connection. • (If being use d ) Install spark arrestor, th e n prefilter into filter cover. • Place the filter /cartridge in to the filter cov er , ensuring bottom latching tab snaps into place . Note: If not using the filter cover, proceed to next step and attach the filter/cartridge directly to the motor/blower. • Place the hinge side of the filter/cartridge into the motor/blower, th e n snap latch side into the filter latch. Filter/cartridge latches with a distinct click. Gently pull to confirm a secure connection. • Attach motor/blower to belt or backpack. • Insert the end of the breathing tube with the two small prongs into slots in the motor/blower air outlet. Twist the breathing tube ¼ turn to the right (clockwise) to lock. • Attach breathing tube to headgear . P ush the QRS end of the breathing tube (blue pinch clip) onto the air inlet of the headgear. Headgear will secure with a distinct click. Gently pull to confirm a secure connection. 3. Perform flow check. • If installed, remove breathing tube. • Insert air flow indicator TR - 971 into the outlet on the TR - 6 00 motor/blower unit . • Start motor/blower. Run for 1 minute. • With the airflow indicator TR - 971 in a vertical position, bottom of the floating ball must be at, or above, the minimum flow level indicated on airflow indicator chart for your ‘ zone ’ . If not above minimum level , respirator system must not • Remove air flow indicator TR - 971 and perform low flow alarm test per TR - 6 00 User Instructions . be used until evaluated and repaired. • Reattach breathing tube and headgear before use. 4. Don TR - 6 00 PAPR system • Turn on motor/blower by pressing and holding blue on/off button. • Use belt or backpack to at tach PAPR to wearer. • Pull headgear over head and adjust. Adjust following the user instructions for the specific headgear 5. Post Use – Exit work area . C lean and store PAPR following practices established by your employer and in compliance with the produc t User Instructions. Quick Start Guide 3M™ Versaflo™ Powered Air Purifying Respirator TR - 600 Assemblies


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