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4. 14: 1001676 Disposable head and DAVS-1408/5 neck cover (pack of 5) 15: 1001733 Disposable fabric balaclava DAF-9257/5 (pack of 5) 16: 1001738 Storage bag DAF-8083 Spare Parts File Spare Parts File © Honeywell International Inc. DMAK-0021 Airvisor MV - 1001645 Page 4 Of 4 © Honeywell International Inc.

1. Europe / Africa Automotive and Part Manufacturer Aviation Chemical Industries Foundry Industrial Cleaning Iron and steel industry Medical and Pharmaceutical Metal steel Utilities Wood Industries Laboratory Ship Building Industry Reference Number 1001645 Product Type Respiratory Protection Range Supplied Air Respirators Line Loose fitting visors Brand Sperian Brand formerly known as WILLSON Industry Product Use For use in paint spray operations, e.g. automotive (especially isocyanate paints), furniture etc., also for use in the general chemical industry. Specifically for use where the operator must (or prefers to) use a single air hose to supply both the respirator and the spraygun. In this case the waistbelt/regulator unit ensures that the flow of air to the visor is consistent, irrespective of the air being drawn off by the triggering of the spraygun. Therefore ensuring that sufficient air reaches the user. Overview Feature The waistbelt contains a speacial rolling diaphragm regulator which controls the flow of air at a constant rate, Features & Benefits DMAK-0021 Airvisor MV PRODUCT NUMBER: 1001645 Page 1 Of 4 © Honeywell International Inc.

2. independent of variations in factory airline supply pressure. Benefit Airflow is maintained above 180 l/min for maximum comfort, security and safety. Feature The waistbelt contains a carbon filter element which removes any odours from the air which is delivered to the user. Benefit Comfort and pleasure in use. Feature In this system the waistbelt is specially adapted with a quick release auxiliary outlet. A spraygun hose is supplied which makes it highly suitable for use in the automotive industry. Benefit Single supply line operation offers stability of flow to the visor even when paint spraying (operation of the spraygun). Only one hose on the ground behind the user so less risk of trips and falls. Greater overall safety. Feature Lightweight headpiece with a wide field of vision, supplied with an acetate visor (EN166 3-F) specially designed for use in chemical and spray paint areas. Benefit Maximum usability and safety with minimum fatigue. Visor does not easily degrade in use, vision and strength are not impaired, low running costs. Feature Separate visor and face seal units. Each can be changed independently of the other. Benefit Complete flexibility in use with lower running costs. Feature Disposable visor covers are used to protect the main visor. Benefit Longer service life and the maintenance of accurate vision. Lower overall running costs. Mask Headpiece Visor Material Main shell components - Polyprolylene Face Seal - Non-woven polypropylene Visor Screen Chemical resistant Visor Screen Material Cellulose acetate Visor Screen Covers Polyester (anti-static coating) Head and Neck Cover Non-woven polypropylene Air Diffuser Open cell foam Supplied Air Tool Waistbelt prepared and spraygun hose supplied. Tool added at user's discretion, depending on his needs. Belt Belt or Harness Waistbelt Material Woven Polyester Hose Hose Food grade PVC material, complete with High Flow Quick Release connectors Length Hose Selection from 3.5m to 30m Technical Description DMAK-0021 Airvisor MV - 1001645 Page 2 Of 4 © Honeywell International Inc.

3. Compressed Airline Infiltration System Wall Model Selection from range Floor Model Selection from range Filter See dedicated data sheet for details of replacement parts Supply Pressure 4.5 to 7 bar E.C. Declaration of Conformity EC Category PPE 3 Quality Assurance ISO 9001 / 2000 EC Certificate Number 0 EC Attestation EC Attestation EC Attestation Number EC438 Certifications Storage Information Store in the bag provided, in a cool dry area. Care Instructions Remove dust and dirt from the apparatus using a damp cloth moistened with a mild disinfectant or liquid soap solution. Do not immerse the apparatus. Do not use a solvent or an undiluted detergent which might damage the apparatus. Do not use an abrasive cleaning product which might damage the surface of the apparatus or scratch the visor. Allow to dry fully in a well ventilated area away from direct sunlight and sources of high temperature or radiant heat. Place apparatus in storage bag after cleaning and disinfection. Maintenance Spare Parts Marking /Reference /Description/ Model 10 016 45 Complete Paint Spraying kit DMAK-0021 10 016 53 Spare headpiece complete DMAK-0071 10 016 55 Spare waistbelt complete DAVW-1001 Marking /Reference/ Description 01: 1001685 Replacement browguard DMAS-1601 02: 1001775 Acetate visor (pack of 5) DTVS-1504/5 03: 1001675 Air tube and diffuser DAVS-1407 04: 1001778 Visor covers (pack of 10) DTVS-1507/10 1001779 Visor covers (pack of 50) DTVS-1508/50 05: 1001781 Fabric cassette (pack of 5) DTVS-1510/5 06: 1001725 Miniature quick release socket DAF-6345 07: 1001673 Replacement regulator DAVS-1405 08: 1001672 Replacement carbon filter DAVS-1404 09: 1001674 Replacement waistbelt housing DAVS-1406 10: 1001719 Standard quick release plug DAF-6265 11: 1001722 High pressure connector DAF-6311 12: BLUELINE hose Not provided 13: 1001683 1.2m spraygun hose DAVS-1418 Parts & Accessories DMAK-0021 Airvisor MV - 1001645 Page 3 Of 4 © Honeywell International Inc.


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