VARMEX svejsemasken 2.0 manual

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3. Parts List ■ Basic parts with Arcshield-2 • Helmet bag 1 EA • Front cover lens {Anti- scratch) 2EA • Inner cover lens{Anti-fo g) 1 EA • Rx !e'1s/Mag lens frame 1 E.ti . 8 • LED Flash ho Ide, 1 EA � ·!l> 0 (� @CYCJ (o Clip shield '\ @Control button &panel " 1 8 LED Flash holder 0 Inner cover lens(Ant1-fog) 8 LED Flash GD �Rx lens/Mag lens frame 8 Front cover lens (Anti-scratch) 0 Auto-d arkening welding goggle � Hood(Fire retar dant)GD 8 G oggle skirt( Repla cable) j '8Helmet bag ! Head band( Replaca ble) ®Safety helmet adaptnr @ «, ·

5. 4. Replacing the goggle skirt 0 Remove the skirt with frame dama ged by pulling off. @ Rep l ace a new skirt frame into a goggle frame at 4 locking positions until hears click sound. 5. light holder and Clip shield assembly Must attach holder from back to front/ detach from front to back , otherwise can cause break age. -.•• Be sure all tabs(3pomt) on a flash hol der are securely locked over shield frame. 0 -.•• Be sure goggles are securely locked in shield General care and maintenance � • Do not expose goggles to exc essive force or impact. - - -j Lll • Do not use solvents or strong chemicals • Do not allow goggles to get wet or expose to extreme temperatures. • Clean with cloth dampened with glass cleaner or mild de tergent. �---- 1. Trouble Shooting Trouble Not switching- Auto lens stays light and does not darken when welding or cutting. Not switching- Auto lens stays dark after the arc 1s extinguished. or the auto lens stays dark when no arc 1s present Switching or Flicker ing- the auto lens darkens then lightens while the welding or cutting arc is present. 2. Warranty Remedy Stop welding or cutting 1mmed1ately. Make sure the lens 1s turned On. If power 1s On, check the shade settings. Also review sens1t1vity recommendations and adjust sens1t1v1ty 1f poss ible. Clean the lens cover and sensors of any obstructions. Make sure the sensors are facing the arc. Reouce Sens1t1v1ty setting. In extreme light cond1- t1ons. 1t may be necessary to reduce the surround­ ing light levels. If the lens remains dark. press the Auto On/Off button to return lens to the clear state. Move goggles away from light source. Review the sensit1v1ty setting recommendation and increase the sens1t1v1ty if possible. Be sure the arc sensors are not being blocked from direct access to the arc light. Check the lens cover for dirt and spatter that may be blocking the arc sensors. Move doser to arc. Servore auto-darkening goggles are warranted for 2 years from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase 1s required for warranty transaction so 1t 1s imperative that a copy of the ori ginal invoice or sales receipt be retained. For warranty transaction, contact our Servore Distributor

2. Information 1. Safety Precautions-Read Before Use. These welding goggles are designed for use by professionals with a full understa nding of the hazards and safety risks associated with welding. � Please be sure you understand how to use this product and how L!..l to use it safe ly. If you are uncertain. do not use this pr o duct as misuse may result In serious and/or per manent mIury. When used in conjunction with other pers onal protective equipment these goggles provide protection against the hazards of welding but are not designed or intended to be used without other appro­ pnate protective equipment. These goggles only provide protection for the welder's eyes and additional appropriate protection must be used for other areas of exposed skin such as the face and neck. �lvvays check that the goggles are ready for use by pressing the L.m ON switch. Depending on the previous settings. an LCD will blink. I 'r Select the correct shade according to the shade selection guide � on page 7. & Adjust the sensitivity accor ding to the working conditions . .=] � Do not wear the goggles when not actually welding or when L!..l walking around as this may result in accident or injury. - ---- ---' J\rcshield· Il 2. Product specifications Switching speed Shade Adjustment -- Sensitivity AdIustment Delay AdIustment Battery/ Lifetime Sensor Grinding Weight 1 /25.000 sec. Li ght state #3 Dark state #5-8 cutting mode #9-13 welding mode Photo mode 5 Levels(Low-high) RF mode 5 Levels(Low-high) I Levels \tast-slow) One CR2450 Lithium battery /1 000 h Dual sensing(RF+Photo) Power off /Shade #3 Goggle 260 g - Goggle with shield 348 g Operating Temp. -5t - +55t Storage Temp. -20t - + 70t --+---------- Range of use Grind. Gas welding&cutting. Arc/MIG/TIG welding On/Off Shade control button Sensitivity control button Delay control button

1. Tm • Arcshield-H �s C E ANSI CSA AS/NZS l�t� ISO 9001 Tm C E ANSI /\ rc s h ·, e l d- n Auto d arke n in _ g w � ldin g :: m .. ,, goggle with cilpsh1el d �� User Manual

4. Control Panel 1. On-Off control and Low battery indicator 1 ) Turning on the Goggle. Before use the goggles must be switched on. Press the (Power) button for 2sec until control LCD screen turn on. � Self-Test \\'i1er1 \ot�d1u1� di� 8V':J�lt� yuu ..... ar1 (..hc.;1,J, �hc;li o .... �i1.t · c .:itdtc b· y pressing the ON switch. If the goggles are ON. the filter LCD screen will blink/darken briefly. 2 ) Turning Off the Go g gle Press the(Powef) button for 2 sec to switch the goggles off The goggles will switch off if not used for approximately 30 minutes. 3 ) Low Battery Indicator The low battery signs on when five hours of battery life remains. If battery power Is low. replace with one CR2450 lithium batt ery. See section Replacing the Battery 2. Setting the Shade -. nu, 0 L. u w - DB.AV SEHS SHADE To provide the correct shade setting for protection against intensity of light pr ess the (;ffi"Atii;) button to select the appropriate shade. · Mode change : p ress SHADE button 2 sec. ' 3 l"':t f c, - ......, .... ........., Cutting mode .....,. : 5-8 3 I I '' - ........... Welding mode :9-13 Shade selection guide table Welding Current In am eres 0.5 2.5 10 20 4() 80 125 process 5 15 30 60 100 150 C<M,,cd eleclrodes MIG on 1-Eavy m�lals 10 MIG hght alloys 10 ·IG oo all metals andallovs 9 10 11 MAG 10 11 Arc-air g0Jg1ng 10 Plasma Jet cutting 11 � � smaarc 11 12 3. Setting the Sensitivity Choose sensor Mode[RF/Photo] by pressing (SENS) button for 2 seconds. then adJust the sens1t iv1ty. • RF mode : 5 levels(Low-high} • Photo mode : 5 levels(Low-high) • Mode change : press SENS button 2 sec. 11 11 12 12 175 225 275 350 450 200 250 300 400 12 12 13 13 11 12 13 14 - Will) 13 14 14 13 ' 3 ' ' . . . - 0EI.AY SENS SHADE 14 14 15 15 15 15 I & Recommend to start with mid-level of sen s1tIvIty #3 for most appl1cat1ons. Slight up/down readIustment may be necessary for certain cond1t1ons or apphcat1ons. If RF sensor fails to darken the lens. switch to Photo sensor mode 1mmed1ately for you safety. 4. Setting the Delay Press ([E�'!) button to adjust the level of delay time of lens changes from dark to light state in 7 levels( Fast to Slow) __

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