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Do you work in loud and noisy environments? But at the same time need to communicate with your colleagues? Then Peltor ™ communication earmuffs for use in environments with harmful and high noise levels may be for you.

"We offer complete solutions that can be adapted to individual needs and different work situations whether it is communication that keeps you protected and safe in all types of environments, level-dependent hearing protection with communication features, or ordinary hearing protection to protect your hearing."

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Our product range consists of a wide selection of hearing protection, such as headsets with microphones, headsets with Bluetooth and more simple ear protection with built-in FM radio for use in many types of noisy environments.

There are various types of hearing protectors are suitable for different situations. Here fir following a guide to choose the right hearing protection for your work.

Earmuffs with radio

Allows you to listen to the radio instead of noise without disturbing others. Levelling the earcup makes it impossible to have an adverse high sound levels in speakers.

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Hearing protection with level depending speakerphone

With microphones which record sound in the surroundings. Have at low volumes a reinforcing effect, inter alia, To facilitate communication. The gain decreases with increasing sound level of the sound from the speakers should never exceed 82 dB. Especially suitable in situations with widely varying sound levels, for example. in the form of impulse noises.

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Hearing protectors with radio and level dependent speakerphone

Combining the above two functions. The user can select which function (radio or loudspeaker mode) is most appropriate in the situation.

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Hearing protectors with built in communication radio

Allows two or more portable of the ear cups can hold a conversation even in very noisy environments.

Can also be connected to mobile phone or external radio, MP3 player or similar.

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Hearing protection for com-radio or mobile phone

For users who need to connect the earmuff to the mobile phone or com-radio.

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Ear Muffs

Available in many flavors. With headband, neckband and for mounting on the helmet. The ear muffs shape and size in combination with the sealing ring design and the hanger force determines their absorptivity.

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Once Stoppers is often preferred when you need to use hearing protectors in longer time. They are hygienic and convenient and are available in different materials and sizes to provide the best fit. Absorbers generally as effective as ear muffs. Disposable plugs should always be near work or dispensers.

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Reusable earplugs

Available either on a hoop or band between the plugs and also in different materials and sizes.

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Molded earplugs

Earplugs which work like regular earplugs, with the one difference that they have optimal fit. It is some one mold itself and it takes no more than 5 minutes from start to finish. Molded earplugs are reusable plugs and keep until they are worn out.

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