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3. 3M™ SecureFit™ SF600 Series Safety Spectacles Personal Safety Division 3M Centre Cain Road, Bracknell Berkshire RG12 8HT 3M, Scotchgard and SecureFit are trademarks of 3M Company. Please recycle. Printed in the United Kingdom. © 3M 2017. All rights reserved. Version SF600.1 This version is the sole document applicable to the product(s) since its date of publication. IMPORTANT NOTICE The use of the 3M product described within this document assumes that the user has previous experience of this type of product and that it will be used by a competent professional. Before any use of this product it is recommended to complete some trials to validate the performance of the product within its expected application. All information and specification details contained within this document are inherent to this specific 3M product and would not be applied to other products or environment. Any action or usage of this product made in violation of this document is at the risk of the user. Compliance to the information and specification relative to the 3M product contained within this document does not exempt the user from compliance with additional guidelines (safety rules, procedures). Compliance to operational requirements especially in respect to the environment and usage of tools with this product must be observed. The 3M group (which cannot verify or control those elements) would not be held responsible for the consequences of any violation of these rules which remain external to its decision and control. Warranty conditions for 3M products are determined with the sales contract documents and with the mandatory and applicable clause, excluding any other warranty or compensation. Respiratory Protection is only effective if it is correctly selected, fitted and worn throughout the time when the wearer is exposed to respiratory contaminants. 3M offers advice on the selection of products, and training in the correct fitting and usage. For more information on 3M products and services please contact 3M.

1. 3M™ SecureFit™ SF600 Series Safety Spectacles Technical Data Sheet Product Description The 3M™ SF600 Series is an extension to the successful SecureFit range of protective eyewear. Each model in the SF600 series is comprised of a semi-rimless lens and fixed- length temple arm. An integrated side-shield is included for added protection. The temples feature 3M™ Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology which helps diffuse pressure over the ear to enhance frame comfort across a diverse workforce. This innovative design promotes improved comfort and security of fit. Soft nose pads provide increased comfort and improved grip. Optimal optical performance by having a dual lens design. Key Features • Optical class 1 lens suitable for prolonged use • Design provides coverage and a good field of vision based on two lenses in a semi-rimless design • Offers protection against Ultraviolet (UV) radiation in accordance with European standards • Weight 27g • 3M™ Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology for secure and comfortable fit • Soft nose pads for a comfortable fit • Superior Scotchgard anti-fog coating meeting K and N on the standard clear, grey and amber lenses Foam insert for SF600: • Removable foam lined insert helps keep debris out of your eyes while providing comfort and cushioning • Easily removed for cleaning or to alternate between wearing modes • Small vents in the insert can help reduce fogging • Insert can be washed with mild soap and water as required Product Range SF601SGAF-EU, PC Clear Scotchgard™ AS/AF (marked KN) SF602SGAF-EU, PC Grey Scotchgard™ AS/AF (marked KN) SF603SGAF-EU, PC Amber Scotchgard™ AS/AF (marked KN) SF610RAS-EU, PC I/O Mirror AS SF611AS-EU, PC Grey Polarised AS SF617AS-EU, Welding Shade 1.7 AS SF630AS-EU, Welding Shade 3.0 AS SF650AS-EU, Welding Shade 5.0 AS SF601RAS-EU, Clear RAS (marked K) Typical Applications These products may be suitable for use in a wide range of applications including: • Construction • Engineering • General assembly • Inspection work • Light duty maintenance and repair • Certain welding applications (1.7, 3.0 & 5.0 lens options) • Oil & gas industries, airports, workers at sea - polarised lens • Harsh environments e.g. cement, construction - RAS option

2. 3M™ SecureFit™ SF600 Series Safety Spectacles Intended Use These products are intended for protection against high speed particles at low energy (F) at extreme temperature conditions, -5°C and +55°C, (T) in accordance with EN166:2001. They also protect against UV radiation in accordance with EN170:2002 (clear and amber lenses), and sun glare in accordance with EN172:1994 (grey, I/O and blue mirror lenses). A number of lens options are available for a variety of different applications: • Clear – good colour recognition and UV protection • Grey – protection from sun glare • Amber – enhanced contrast in low light conditions • Grey polarised – helps block horizontal reflective glare & reduces sun glare • I/O mirror – may be suitable for workers subject to glare when moving in and out of strong sunlights • IR lenses – 1.7, 3.0 & 5.0 – certain welding, cutting & torch work applications • RAS – certain harsh environments Use Limitation • Never modify or alter this product • Do not use this product against hazards other than those specified in this document • These products are not suitable for grinding or electric arc welding • These products are NOT designed to be worn over prescription spectacles • In accordance with EN166:2001 safety spectacles cannot be tested and approved for use against liquid droplets: where liquid protection is specified a suitable product should be considered, for example safety goggles Standards and Approval This protective eyewear has been shown to meet the basic safety requirements under Article 10 of the European Community Directive 89/686/EEC and is thus CE marked. These products have been examined at the design stage by INSPEC International Ltd., 56 Leslie Hough Way, Salford, Greater Manchester, M6 6AJ United Kingdom, (Notified Body number 0194). These products are tested and CE approved against EN166:2001. Material Listing Spectacles: Marking The products have demonstrated compliance with the requirements of EN 166:2001 and associated standards and bear the following marks: Explanation of Marking Frame Marking                 Component Material Lens Polycarbonate Temple Arm Polycarbonate Temple inlay Polycarbonate / polyester blend Temple Pin Stainless Steel Foam Insert: Brow Nylon 6/6/TPU Foam Insert Thermoformed closed cell foam Clear lens 2C-1.2 3M 1 FT KN Grey lens 5-3.1 3M 1 FT KN Amber lens 2C-1.2 3M 1 FT KN Grey Polarised lens 5-3.1 3M 1 FT I/O lens 5-1.7 3M 1 FT IR1.7 lens 1.7  3M  1 F IR3.0 lens            3  3M 1 F IR5.0 lens            5  3M 1 F Marking Description 2C-1.2 (EN 170:2002) UV protection with good colour recognition. This product conforms to the requirements of the standard, providing UV protection for the complete specified range (210nm – 365nm). 5-1.7 and 5-3.1(EN 172:1994(as amended)) Sun-glare protection conforming to the requirements of the standard, providing UV protection for the complete specified range (280nm – 350nm). 1.7, 3.0 & 5.0 (EN 169:2002 Welding lens providing protection against UV for the specified range (210nm to 365nm) and IR protection for the specified range (780nm to 2000nm). 1 Optical Class F Impact protection against high speed particle at low energy (45m/s) T Tested for impact protection at extreme temperature conditions -5°C and +55°C K Resistance to surface damage by fine particles N Resistance to fogging All variants SF600 Series 3M EN166 FT CE


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