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2. † The chemicals against which the product has been tested and certifi ed are listed in the user instructions. For additional chemical penetration data, please call your local 3M Technical Service Representative. Typical applications may include: paint spraying, industrial clean-up and maintenance, industrial and chemical processing, asbestos inspection, building cleaning, insulation laying, pesticide handling/agriculture (particulate aerosols only), powder coating and pharmaceutical manufacturing. In all cases, a risk assessment should be carried out. Always read product user information. Use limitations and performance data should be considered to ascertain the protection required. If in doubt, contact a safety professional. For more information on 3M products and services please contact 3M. Important Notice This guide is only an outline. It should not be used as the only means for selecting protective clothing. Before using any prot ective clothing, the wearer must read and understand the user instructions for each product. Specifi c country legislation must be observed. If in doubt, contact a safety professional. Selection of the most appropriate PPE will depend on the particular situation and should only be made by a competent person knowledgeable of the actual working conditions and the limitations of PPE. Final determination as to the suitability of these products for a particular situation is the employer’s responsibility. This i nformation is subject to revision at any time. Always read and follow all User Instructions supplied with your 3M™ Protective Coveralls in order to ensure correct operation. If you have questions contact 3M Technical Service. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Except as provided above, 3M shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage, whether direct , indirect, incidental, special or consequential arising out of the sale, use or misuse of 3M OH&ESD products, or the user’s inability to use such products. The table left shows the performance of this product when tested under laboratory conditions. Please note that the tests may not refl ect the reality of use and do not account for factors such as excessive heat and mechanical wear. Note: The maximum Class is 6 unless otherwise noted. Applications and Performance Non-Hazardous Particulates Yes Hazardous Liquid Splash Yes if chemical is compatible with suit material† Non-Hazardous Liquid Splash Yes Hazardous Liquid Spray No Hazardous Dusts and Fibres Yes Organic Solvents Yes if chemical is compatible with suit material† Liquid Continuous Contact/Immersion No Acids/Alkalis Yes if chemical is compatible with suit material† Gases and Vapours No Test Standard/Test Method Class/ Result Abrasion (visual assessment) EN 530:1994 Class 1 Flex cracking (visual assessment) ISO 7854:1995 Class 3 Tear resistance ISO 9073-4:1997 Class 1 Tensile strength ISO 13934-1:1999 Class 1 Puncture resistance EN 863:1995 Class 1 Bursting resistance ISO 13938-2:1999 Class 1 Resistance to ignition EN 13274-4:2001 Pass Resistance to blocking EN 25978:1990 No Blocking Seam strength EN ISO 13935-2:1999 Class 2 Repellency to liquids – 30% H 2 SO 4 EN ISO 6530:2005 Class 3 of 3 Liquid penetration resistance – 30% H 2 SO 4 EN ISO 6530:2005 Class 3 of 3 Repellency to liquids – 10% NaOH EN ISO 6530:2005 Class 3 of 3 Liquid penetration resistance – 10% NaOH EN ISO 6530:2005 Class 3 of 3 Anti-static coating on both sides EN 1149-1:2006 Pass Radioactive particulates (TIL) EN 1073-2:2002 Class 1 of 3 Biological protection EN 14126:2003 Synthetic blood penetration resistance ISO 16603:2004 Class 3 Blood-borne pathogen penetration resistance ISO 16604:2004 Unclassifi ed Contaminated solid particle penetration resistance ISO 22612:2005 Class 3 of 3 Contaminated liquid aerosol penetration resistance ISO/DIS 22611:2003 Class 3 of 3 Wet bacteria penetration resistance EN ISO 22610:2006 Class 6 © 2011 3M Company. All rights reserved. Please recycle. Occupational Health & Safety Division EMEA Region 3M Centre Cain Road Bracknell Berkshire RG12 8HT United Kingdom Tel: + 44 (0) 1344 858000 Web:

1. Storage and Disposal • Store in dry, clean conditions in original packaging, away from direct sunlight, sources of high temperature, and solvent vapours • Store within the temperature range -20°C to +25°C (-4°F to +68°F) and with relative humidity below 80% • Expected shelf life is three years from date of manufacture when stored as stated • Replace garments if damaged, heavily contaminated or in accordance with local work practice or regulations • Handle and dispose of contaminated garments with care and in accordance with applicable regulations Limited use Do not wash Do not dry clean Do not bleach Flammable – keep away from sparks or fl ames Do not iron Single use – do not re-use Do not tumble dry Warnings and Limitations Before use read and understand all user instructions and be sure that the product is suitable for the application and fi tted correctly. Product must never be altered or modifi ed. Do not use for: • Contact with heavy oils, sparks or fl ame, or combustible liquids; • Exposure situations resulting in spray or liquid build-up on the suit; • Environments with high mechanical risks (abrasions, tears, cuts); • Contact with hazardous substances beyond Type 5/6 certifi cation; • Environments with conditions of excessive heat. The Power to Protect Your World SM Technical Data Sheet Sizing An appropriate size garment should be selected to allow suffi cient movement for the task whilst maintaining a secure fi t. 3M TM 4545 Protective Coverall The 3M™ Protective Coverall 4545 is designed to help protect against hazardous dusts (Type 5) and light liquid splashes (Type 6). Key Features • New to 3M - combination of materials reduces the weight of the coverall while enhancing its softness and drape over the body • Good protection against dusts and certain light liquid splashes • Elasticated waist and ankles for convenience and freedom of movement and knitted cuff s for extra comfort • Three panel hood designed to give improved fi t and compatibility with 3M eyewear and respirators • Two-way zipper with sealable storm fl ap • Low linting • Reinforced gusset Comfort and Protection Liquid Protection Type 6 - Light Liquid Splashes (EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009) Dust Protection Type 5 - Solid Airborne Particulates EN ISO 13982-1:2004 Anti-static Anti-static coating* on both sides (EN 1149-5:2008) Nuclear Radioactive particulates Class 1 (EN 1073-2:2002 except EN863 puncture) Biohazard Types 5-B & 6-B – Infective Agents (EN 14126:2003 except ISO 16604 * All apparel must be suitably grounded for anti-static treatment to be eff ective. Does not off er protection against radiation. Approvals CE approved under PPE Directive (89/686/ECC), Category III Article 10 Certifi cation: BTTG Testing & Certifi cation Ltd. Notifi ed Body Number: 0338 Article 11B Supervision: SGS United Kingdom Ltd. Notifi ed Body Number: 0120 Materials Suit Polyethylene + Polyester / Polyethylene Laminate Zipper Metal / Nylon / Polyester Braid Elastic Neoprene Rubber Cuff s Polyester Thread Polyester / Cotton This product does not contain components made from natural rubber latex. Height Chest S 64 – 67 in 164 – 170 cm 33 – 36 in 84 – 92 cm M 66 – 69 in 167 – 176 cm 36 – 39 in 92 – 100 cm L 69 – 71 in 174 – 181 cm 39 – 43 in 100 – 108 cm XL 70 – 74 in 179 – 187 cm 43 – 45 in 108 – 115 cm XXL 73 – 76 in 186 – 194 cm 45 – 49 in 115 – 124 cm 3XL 76 – 78 in 194 – 200 cm 49 – 52 in 124 – 132 cm 4XL 78 – 81 in 200 – 206 cm 52 – 55 in 132 – 140 cm Height Chest

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