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2. CENTROCOT Innovation experience C) Centro Tessile Cotoniero e Abbigliamento S.p.A. - Razza S*nna. 2 21052 (VA) +390331 696711 fax *290331 680056 Basic e descri tion Chemsplash Xtreme SMS 50 FR model CN4012FR Variations descri tion Colours: Sizes Standards One-piece coverall, with hood, zipper at front opening covered by flap, elastic cuffs, ankles, hood and waist, serged seams, white colour. Fabric: SMS 100% Polypropylene, with flame retardant treatment, 50 g/m2 white colour dark blue, red, orange, green S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL Assessment carried out according to essential health and safety requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 annex II, applying the following standards: EN ISO 13688:2013 EN ISO 13982-1:2004 :2010 EN 1073-2:2002 EN 1149-5:2008 EN ISO 14116:2015 Protective clothing - general requirements Protective clothing against liquid chemicals - Performance requirements for chemical protective clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals Protective clothing for use against solid particulates - Part I: Performance requirements for chemical protective clothing providing protection to the full body against airborne solid particulates Protective clothing against radioactive contamination - Requirement and test methods for non-ventilated protective clothing against particulate radioactive contamination Protective clothing — Electrostatic properties — Part 5 ; Material performance and design requirements Protective clothing - Protection against heat and flame - Limited flame spread materials, material assemblies and clothing EU type-examination certificate No. CE 0914180737-00-02 Digital Options ACCREDIA etNTE rr,UIANO PRD NO 163B LAB NC 0033 LAT NO 226 Signatory ar EA. IAF and Mutual Recognition Agreements Page 213 Searchable PDF created by (Free Version)

1. CENTROCOT Innovation experience Notified BOdY n. 0624 @ Centro Tessile Cotoniero e Abbigliamento S.p.A. - Piazza S Anna. 2 • 21052 (VA) tel. 696711 • tax 4390331 6800±6 EU TYPE-EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE No CE 0914180737 -00-02 According to "Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council" of 9th March 2016 on Personal Protective Equipment and repealing Council Directive 89/686/EEC Centro Tessile Cotoniero e Abbigliamento S.p.A. P.zza Sant'Anna, 2 - 21052 Busto Arsizio (VA) - Italia EEC Notified Body NO 0624 in view of the firm's application submitted on: 18th January 2019; in view of the positive results of the Technical File verification submitted by the manufacturer together with the above mentioned request; in view of the manufacturer's declaration stated in the Technical File attached to the above mentioned request having verified that technical specification of design and manufacture is in compliance with basic requirements specified in annex II of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and that technical manufacturing documentation is in compliance with above mentioned specifications; in view of the positive test results carried out on the basic model representative of production according to paragraph 4 of annex V of Regulation (EU) 2016/425: Issues to: DIGITAL OPTIONS Ltd Office 6F Unit 6 KCR Business Estate, Kimmage, Dublin 12, Ireland the EU Type-Examination Certificate concerning the following PPE model: CHEMICAL PROTECTIVE COVERALL Chemsplash Xtreme SMS 50 FR model CN4012FR Ill (third) The model of Personal Protective Equipment is subject to conformity to type assessment according to Section 19 c) of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (Module C2 or D) Page 1 13 ACCREDIA 01 ACCREDrTAMENT0 PRO NO 163B LAB NO 0033 LAT NC 226 Signatory o' EA. IAF and MC Mutua' Recognition Agreements Searchable PDF created by (Free Version)

3. Performance levels EN ISO 13982-1 EN 13034 EN 1073-2 EN ISO 14116 Use Tests Markin Validit CENTROCOT Innovation experience EN 14325:2004 Type 5 Type 6 Class I Index 1 n. Cé2,'. O Centro Tessile CotonierO e Abbigliamento S,p.A Piazza S.;.nna. 2 21052 tet. +39 0331 fax .39 0331 Protective clothing against chemicals - Test methods and performance classification of chemical protective clothing materials, seams, joins and assemblages protection against airborne solid particulates limited protective performance against light spray, liquid aerosol or low pressure, low volume splashes Total Inward Leakage Index 1 - no washing pre-treatment. For protection against flame the garment shall only be worn over index 2 or 3 garments. Clothing to be worn to protect against spray, liquid aerosol, airborne solid particulates. Clothing with limited flame spread and dissipative properties. Other uses than those listed above are excluded. The test results are included in the report: 16RA08514, 16RA08092, 16RA03951, 16RA03949, 16RA01019, 18RA06976, 18RA07725. The following information are listed on the label inside the garment: CE marking Company name Chemsplash (registered Trade Mark of Digital Options) • Article code Standards Standardized pictograms Maintenance symbols PPE category The validity of this certificate is subject to the validity of the certificate No.CE0784180373-OO-01 of which it is the extension. On expiry date it will be responsibility of the Manufacturer to request the renewal. The applied standards are the ones currently valid at issue date of this Certificate. The certificate validity is not ensured in case of reviewed standards before the expiry date. Any change on model and materials object of this Certificate shall be notified and then approved by Centrocot. Thiscerffcate mustbefiled by the manufacturer and mustbe shown, ifrequested. to the Body thatpedormscontrolsorto thesurveilla Busto Arsizio, Issue date: 24th October 2018 Rev. 02: 12th March 2019 Expiry date: 09th July 2023 Gene anager Grazia Cerini EU type-examination certificate No. CE 0914180737-00-02 Digital Options ACCREDIA PRO NO 163B LABNO 0033 N' 226 ot EA. and Mutual Recognition Agreements Page 313 Searchable PDF created by (Free Version)

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